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Scroll mixed flow pump

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适用于输送清水或物理、化学性质类似于水的其它液体。 The volute mixed flow pump is suitable for conveying clean water or other liquids with physical and chemical properties similar to water. The temperature of the liquid being conveyed should not be higher than 50 ° C. Widely used in farmland drainage and irrigation, industrial and urban water supply and drainage and other occasions.

The volute mixed flow pump has a simple, reliable structure and is easy to use and maintain. The pump has good performance, flat efficiency and power curve, wide application range, low power at the closing point, good cavitation performance, and a head of 3 to 15 meters.

The volute type mixed flow pump housing is generally larger and covers a larger area, but the height is generally lower. There are two types of vortex shell mixed flow pumps: horizontal and vertical. Horizontal pumps are divided into three types: horizontal, vertical and inclined according to the direction of water discharge.

Model meaning: Take 300HW-8A as an example

300——Pump inlet and outlet diameter (mm)

HW——Horizontal scroll mixed flow pump

8——Design head (m)

A——Cut the outer diameter of the impeller or change the impeller with different performance.

Horizontal volute type mixed flow pump is a type of pump widely used in farmland drainage and irrigation. Depending on the installation and use conditions, such as the installation position, the length of the pipeline, etc., there are different outlet directions, and the head is more than 3 to 8 meters. Generally, small and medium volute type mixed flow pumps use closed impellers. Agricultural pumps are often sealed with asbestos lead powder or oil-filled flax soft packing. The diameter below 300 mm is mostly vertical water, and the diameter above 300 mm is mostly horizontal water. To reduce the length of the pipeline and the number of bends, inclined effluent is often used.

The pump cover is connected with the pump body and the water inlet pipe respectively. There should be a proper gap between the pump cover plane and the impeller plane. If the clearance is too small, friction will occur; if the clearance is too large, a large amount of pressure water in the pump body will flow back, which will reduce the efficiency of the pump. The suitable gap for practical use is 0.3-0.7mm (push the pump shaft to the inlet end of the pump), and the gap can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the thickness of the paper pad.

The pump body of the scroll type mixed flow pump is equipped with a suspension bearing body, which contains 2 to 3 radial ball bearings. If necessary, thrust bearings can be used to withstand excessive axial thrust. The bearings are lubricated with dry or thin oil. The pump can be directly connected to the power machine through a coupling, or it can be driven indirectly by a V-belt, flat belt or other transmission. There is a water-sealing device at the packing seal. The water-sealing water source is taken from the high-pressure side of the pump body. If the suction stroke is high, air may be drawn into the water-sealing place.

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