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Submersible mixed flow pump

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1. Impeller 2. Shaft seal 3. Oil chamber 4. Anti-rotation device 5. Bearing 6. Pump shaft 7. Motor 8. Motor housing 9. Monitoring device

Because there is no need to build a large pump room and good heat dissipation conditions, it is destined to become the most widely used product in the current pumping station.

The submersible mixed-flow pump has a simple structure. The impeller is generally single-stage. The pump section consists of four parts: the inlet horn, the impeller, the impeller chamber, and the guide vane. The impeller of this type of water pump is divided into three types of fixed, semi-regulated and fully regulated s motors, which are generally fully-sealed dry asynchronous motors. The casing closes the motor, a static sealing device is provided at the cable outlet of the upper end of the motor, and a rotary sealing device is provided at the output shaft of the lower end of the motor. For seal leakage, coil and bearing temperature rise, there are generally monitoring, alarm and protection devices to ensure the safe use of submersible pumps. The water outlet diameter of this type of pump is generally 350 ~ 1600mm, the flow rate is 0.1 ~ 12m3 / s, the head is 2 ~ 14m; the power is 7.5 ~ 630kW; the voltage level is 380V, 660V, 3kV, 6kV, 10kV.

The submersible mixed flow pump is mostly installed in a wellbore, that is, the wellbore is processed separately, and then the diving chestnut is suspended in the wellbore or fixed on the base in the wellbore. The wellbore can be made of steel plate or concrete. Figure 1-39 is a schematic diagram of a submersible pump suspended in a concrete wellbore. For steel wellbores, submersible pump manufacturers generally provide a complete set of wellbores. The upper part of the wellbore is generally an elbow structure. For large diving chestnuts with an impeller diameter of more than 1600mm, the installation method of closed inlet and outlet channels is generally used, that is, the inlet channel and closed large outlet shaft are poured with concrete.

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