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Vertical mixed flow pump

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1. Basic parameters of vertical mixed flow pump:

Head 3 ~ 25.7m,

Flow 45 ~ 20160m3 / h

2.Advantages of vertical pump

(1) Simple operation

因为叶轮都在水面以上,在泵启动之前,要用真空泵向泵内注水,因为立式混流泵的叶轮,通常沉没在水中,可以直接启动。 Because the impeller of the horizontal mixed flow pump is above the water surface, the vacuum pump is used to fill the pump with water before the pump starts. Because the impeller of the vertical mixed flow pump is usually sunk in water, it can be started directly.

(2) Small installation area

Including the driver, the vertical pump only needs half the space of the horizontal pump. This advantage is even more prominent today, especially in the case of large pumps.

(3) Conducive to preventing cavitation

The impeller of a vertical pump is usually submerged in water, and the available NPSH can be larger. Therefore, cavitation does not occur at pumps operating at flow rates greater than the design point.

However, because it is a vertical shaft, the pump has a long longitudinal direction, and the lifting height of the crane is high during disassembly and assembly, and there must be sufficient space above the pump, which is a disadvantage of the vertical pump. However, vertical pumps are almost always installed outdoors so that they are not a problem.

3.Vertical mixed flow pump installation form

It can be roughly divided into the following three types: (a) semi-underground single-foundation type, (b) single-foundation type spouted under the foundation, and (c) double-foundation type.

The three installation forms shown in the figure are general installation forms. Of these installation forms, (a) is suitable for pumps with relatively small diameters; (b) is suitable for pumps with large and medium diameter double casings (described later), which are relatively stable installation forms; (c) is suitable for large Caliber pump.

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