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Horizontal mixed flow pump

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属于低扬程、大流量水泵,最适合于平原涝洼地区排除内涝,一般吸程5m以下,扬程6m以下,总扬程不超过10m,排水流量在150~1000m3/s之间。 Horizontal mixed-flow pumps are low-lift, large-flow pumps, and are most suitable for eliminating internal waterlogging in plain floodplains. Generally, the suction head is below 5m, the head is below 6m, the total head is not more than 10m, and the drainage flow is between 150 and 1000m3 / s. The disadvantage is that the pump needs to be filled with water before the pump can be turned on to drain water, which brings trouble to the operation.

Basic parameters of horizontal mixed flow pump:

Head 5 ~ 12m,

Flow 900 ~ 4000m3 / h

Model description : Take 300HW-7S as an example:

300——Pump inlet and outlet diameter. Unit: mm

HW——Horizontal scroll shell mixed flow pump.

7-Design lift. Unit: m

S——Structural form (front and rear door opening structure).

Horizontal mixed-flow pump adopts GB / T13008, JB / T6667 standard design, manufacture, acceptance.

Maintenance of horizontal mixed flow pump

1. The water outlet pipe is generally an iron pipe, which sticks to the ground and protrudes outside. Corrosion and leakage are easy to place on the ground, which cannot be reached by electric welding. This kind of situation cannot be simply covered with concrete, and it has been proved that it cannot be covered. The top of the tube should be cut open, and electric welding is best in the tube.

2. There are 3 sets of space-connected bearings in the water pump bearing box. The type of horizontal mixed flow pump in Taitung District is 14HBA-400. It uses 3/10 glycerin and 7/10 oil mixed for good heat dissipation.

Pump performance change :

Changing the speed of the pump can change the performance of the pump and expand the use of the pump. Method of changing speed: change the outer diameter of the pulley or change the transmission ratio of the gear reducer, or use power machines with different speeds.

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