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Axial flow pump

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ZXB型系特大型卧式、斜式轴流泵,适用于抽送清水、污水、雨水及带有轻微腐蚀性的液体,被输送液体温度不高于50 ℃。 ZLB type pumps are single-stage vertical axial flow pumps, and ZWB and ZXB types are extra large horizontal and inclined axial flow pumps. They are suitable for pumping clean water, sewage, rainwater and slightly corrosive liquids. Above 50 ℃. This type of pump is a large-flow, low-lift pump, suitable for farmland drainage and irrigation, water conservancy projects, urban water supply, drainage and sewage treatment, power plants, salt factories and breeding farms to transport circulating water, dock lift water level, and can also be used in metallurgy, chemical And other industries are widely used.


Phone: 0515-88591153 Mobile: 13626219567 13004478568 Contact: Manager Xu Fax: 0515-88870957
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