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XA single pole single suction centrifugal pump

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XA type pump is used to pump clean water and its physical and chemical properties are similar to water leopard liquid. It is suitable for factories, mines, urban water supply and drainage, air conditioning, fire protection and farmland drainage and irrigation. Pumps with the same specifications have different performances due to changing the outer diameter of the impeller (add A, B, C and other letters after the pump model).
The pump is simple in structure, reliable in performance, small in size and light in weight, good in cavitation performance, and easy to use and maintain.
The hA pump has a wide range of versatility. There are 50 specifications in the whole series, but only four shafts are used. The shafts, bearings, sleeves, shaft seals, impeller fasteners, etc. of the same specification can be interchanged. There are only five types of shelves. The speed of the pump is divided into 2900r / mini and 1450r / min or 1480R / min.
The performance is as follows: 2900r / min 1450r / min or 1480r / min
Maximum flow: 132L / s 300L / s
Maximum total head: 100m 5mm
Maximum speed: 3500r / min (r impeller diameter is reduced when used for 60 cycle power)
Maximum working temperature: 105 ° C Shaft seal: Packing seal or mechanical seal Minimum working temperature: -10 ° C Working pressure: Generally 1 Mpa, if it needs to increase to 1.6mpa.
Product standard: OIN24255; BS EN733

1'Before use, check whether the coupling is on the same axis;
2. It is strictly forbidden to dry the machine to avoid damage to the shaft seal;
3. Check the bearing lubrication. Every 1,000 hours of operation, a high-pressure oil gun must be used to inject an appropriate amount of No. 3 compound calcium tomb grease into the oil cup;
Oil bath lubricated centrifugal pumps must be replaced with No. 30 mechanical oil every six months:
4. The pipeline of the pump should have its own support. Do not allow the weight of the pipeline to be pressed on the pump to avoid crushing the pump:
5. Suction pipe should be installed separately for each pump, and as short as possible, with fewer bends;
6 'pumps are made of different materials. The pressure is also different, and the working pressure must be compatible with the pressure of the pump;
7 When conveying non-clean water media, please consult the supplier about the nature of the medium to determine whether the selected pump is suitable,
Including pump and shaft seal materials;
8 During the warranty period, if the machine fails, the user must notify the supplier product service center to send someone to deal with it. In the case of obtaining the supplier's consent, I can only handle it by the user's designated experienced technician.

1. The wiring and line maintenance between the pump unit and the power supply must be performed by qualified personnel;
2. The pump unit must be equipped with a well to install a coupling guard.

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