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The best choice of volute type mixed flow pump in low mountain and hilly areas

Published: August 13, 2019 Bookmark this page

Many pump station builders think about what kind of water pump to use to achieve the best performance. 混流泵 做个详细的阐述。 Today we will elaborate on what kind of mixed flow pump to choose at the pumping station .

The most basic requirements for the selection of the main water pump are to meet the requirements of the design flow and head of the pumping station. At the same time, it is required that the unit operates safely and stably over the entire head and has a high average efficiency. Therefore, it is required to meet the design flow requirements of the pumping station when designing the lift of the pumping station; the pump should have the highest efficiency at the average heading of the pumping station; the pump can operate safely and stably at the highest or lowest heading of the pumping station. overload. The drainage pump station has a relatively low utilization rate. When it is required to operate, it is also required to eliminate the accumulated water in the shortest time. Therefore, the pump selection should be different from the general pump station. It is emphasized on the premise of ensuring the unit's safe and stable operation. The design flow of the pump should be calculated according to the maximum unit flow.

Volute mixed flow pump

轴流泵 或混流泵;低山丘陵区灌溉泵站宜采用单级单吸离心泵、单级双吸离心泵或蜗壳式混流泵;井用水泵应按地下水位的埋深选择水泵类型。 Axial flow pumps or mixed flow pumps should be used for irrigation and drainage pumping stations in the plain area ; single-stage single-suction centrifugal pumps, single-stage double-suction centrifugal pumps or volute mixed-flow pumps should be used for irrigation pumping stations in low mountain and hilly areas; well water pumps should be groundwater The burial depth of the bit selects the pump type. When the burial depth of the mobile well is within the allowable suction range, a horizontal centrifugal pump should be used; when the burial depth of the mobile well is greater than 8m, a submersible pump or a long shaft deep well pump should be used.

In the urban drainage system, the role of the pumping station is to discharge the upstream incoming water into the downstream pipeline by pressurizing or lifting within a specified time, and to maintain the water level of the pipe network at a reasonable height without overflow. The goal of regulation is constant liquid level operation, and at the same time, the downstream pumping station needs to take into account the increase of flow or the treatment capacity of the sewage plant. Therefore, the supporting water pump is mainly a constant speed pump and a speed regulating pump is auxiliary. According to the design of existing equipment and operating conditions, the combination of pumps in pumping stations can be divided into two types:

(1) Single water pump running;

(2) Multiple pumps running in parallel

In the selection of the combination method, in addition to ensuring the lifting capacity at the maximum flow rate, the flow rate and head corresponding to the operating conditions during the minimum flow rate period are also taken into consideration. And make the pump in the safe operation zone, so the single pump operation mode is only suitable for small pump stations. In the selection of the combination mode, due to the parallel operation, the working principle of the parallel running water pump must be followed when selecting the pump: the parallel water pump must operate in the high-efficiency section whether it is running alone or in parallel.
On this basis, in order to meet the needs of urban drainage changes and achieve the purpose of efficient pump operation, when selecting pumps running in parallel, depending on the specific situation, consider using different types of pumps, or consider using the same model of pumps and Installed frequency conversion speed regulation device.

Mixed flow pump

Pump selection principle:

First select the series of water pump products promulgated by the country and the products that have been formally identified by the relevant authorities.

The selected pump can meet the requirements of the design flow and design lift of the pumping station.

The pump model selected for the same pumping station should be as consistent as possible.

When selecting according to the average head, the pump should be operated in the high efficiency zone. When operating at the highest and lowest heads, the pump should be able to ensure safe and stable operation.

When there are multiple types of pumps to choose from, the flexibility, reliability, operating costs, auxiliary equipment costs, civil investment, and main engine accidents of the South Group should be compared and demonstrated. .

When taking water from sediment-rich water sources, the effects of sediment content and particle size on pump performance should be considered.

The number of pump station host groups is generally 4-8.

Because the average head of this project is low, it is advisable to choose mixed-flow pumps. According to the selection principles and factors that should be considered in the selection, 4 sets of 650HW-7 water pumps are initially selected. Because as a small pumping station, the construction and operation costs of this type of pumping station may be the smallest, and the management and operation are more convenient.

According to the structural characteristics, the axial flow pump structures suitable for heads below 6 meters are mainly three types: cross flow type, vertical shaft type and inclined shaft type. Each of these three pump types has advantages and disadvantages. Due to the low lift of the pumping station, the general performance and comprehensive investment of cross-flow pumps are generally superior, followed by inclined shaft pumps, and vertical shaft pumps. Especially when the head is less than 4m, the flow path of the cross-flow structure is straight and the hydraulic loss is small (this is especially important for low-lift pumps), so the water pump device has a high efficiency (2% to 3%), and the annual operating cost of the project The pump impeller is directly submerged in the water, and the water absorption performance is good; the plant structure is simple, the amount of civil engineering works is small, and the total investment is small; the rapid development of large and medium-sized cross-flow turbines and cross-flow pump technologies at home and abroad, and the investment in equipment manufacturing is reduced , The stability of the shaft system and the convenience of maintenance are greatly improved.

If you encounter the question of what kind of pump to choose when you are building a pumping station, you can call us and let us know your current situation. We will match you with a more suitable pump because we have more than ten years of mixed flow pumps and axial flow. Pump production experience, I believe our profession will definitely help you!

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