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Be sure to treat the mixed flow pump today and tomorrow

Published: August 9, 2019 Bookmark this page

Mixed flow pump

混流泵 做个养护? Why do we have to maintain the mixed flow pump today and tomorrow ? Because Liqima will run wild in the land of the motherland in two days. According to the Central Meteorological Observatory: Typhoon No. 9 "Lichma" is expected to land on the coast of Zhejiang at about 1 am on the 10th. From August 9th to 12th, there were heavy rains in most parts of Zhejiang, most of Jiangsu, southeast Anhui and Shanghai. Heavy rainstorms occurred in the central and eastern Zhejiang, southeastern Jiangsu, and Shanghai, with a maximum daily rainfall of about 200 mm.

In the face of such heavy rain, to ensure smooth drainage, it is necessary to ensure that the mixed flow pump is in the best state. Those who have done and maintained in recent days can directly perform secondary maintenance. If primary maintenance is not optimal, it is recommended to do primary maintenance and secondary maintenance together to ensure that the mixed-flow pump meets Lima with the best working condition 's arrival

养护 Mixed flow pump primary maintenance :

1. Check and add filler;

2. Check the bearings and refuel;

3. Check the coupling;

4. Check or repair the gas release valve;

5. Check the external tightening.

Mixed flow pump

养护 Mixed flow pump secondary maintenance

1. Clean the inside and outside of the mixed-flow pump and refuel.

2. Replace the packing and check the protective sleeve;

3. Clean, inspect or replace bearings, and change oil;

4. Check or replace the pump shaft and adjust the impeller clearance (0.37-0.78);

5. Check and adjust the coaxiality of the pump shaft and the motor;

6, check and adjust the gap of the coupling, check or replace the rubber sleeve;

7, check and repair the seal of each part;

8. Maintain and inspect the starter cabinet and motor in accordance with the electrical system maintenance specifications.

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