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Analysis of the root cause of the mixed pump price

Published: July 26, 2019 Bookmark this page

混流泵 ,因为混流泵的成本也是相对固定的,毕竟混流泵不是什么高尖端产品。 Many people pay great attention to the price of mixed-flow pumps when purchasing mixed-flow pumps. This is normal, but excessive pursuit of low prices will naturally buy inferior mixed-flow pumps because the cost of mixed-flow pumps is also relatively fixed. After all, mixed-flow pumps are not What a high-end product.

Mixed flow pump

The main factors affecting the price of mixed flow pumps are:

1. Purchasing cost of mixed flow pump castings;

2. Manufacturer's manufacturing cost;

3. Marketing costs;

4. After-sales cost.

Mixed flow pump

混流泵 产品,请在讨价还价前核算一下成本,我们可以通过阿里巴巴市场了解,亦可通过铸造厂进行询价了解其成本;有了原材料的成本,其他成本的核算相对而言就简单了。 If you want to buy a mixed-flow pump with stable performance , please calculate the cost before bargaining. We can learn about it through the Alibaba market, and you can also find out the cost through the inquiry of the foundry. With the cost of raw materials, other cost accounting Relatively simple.

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