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Mingke Pump Industry Co., Ltd. is concerned with Xiangfeng Hongfeng

Published: July 16, 2019 Bookmark this page

According to the information released by the Meteorological and Hydrological Department, Mingke Pumps was informed that at around 5 am on July 15, 2019, the Xiangjiang River Hongfeng passed through Hengyang City. Mingke Pumps is focused on the Xiangfeng Hongfeng. In response to the large-scale rainfall in the Xiangjiang River, it organized staff to work overtime and actively produce and stock to ensure the supply of mixed-flow pumps.

Since the 14th, Zhou Yujun, Secretary of the Yanfeng District Committee of Hengyang City, and He Zijun, Deputy Secretary of the District Party Committee and District Chief, have sat on the front line with the soldiers to stay on the front line of flood control and keep the people safe.

"What is the current flood flow? Can it be dangerous?" At 4 am, Zhou Yujun and He Zijun came to Xiangjiang Village, a group of 1,000-ton docks and other flood control points to understand the current water level and dispatched the barge disposal work.

Zhou Yujun demanded that Hongfeng should cross the border and take carelessly. All relevant units should strengthen the inspection of dikes and reservoirs, pay close attention to changes in water regime, and report in a timely manner to ensure the smooth transit of Hongfeng.

As of the morning of the 15th, with the efforts of all parties, the water level of the Xiangjiang River in the Dingjiaqiao section was 58 meters, and the water level exceeded the warning level by 1.5 meters. 混流泵 的保养维护,以保证日后的正常使用。 Mingke pump industry friendship reminds: Don't forget to maintain the mixed flow pump after Hong Feng to ensure normal use in the future.

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