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Mixing pumps do not need to do anything for a long time

Published: July 10, 2019 Bookmark this page

混流泵 长期不使用,需要做什么。 Recently, a customer asked us what we need to do if our mixed flow pump is not used for a long time. We think this question is very representative, so let our mixed flow pump design engineers make a special answer for your reference.

If it is not used for a long time, the mixed flow pump needs to be disassembled, the parts should be cleaned, oiled, and then sealed and stored.

Unscrew the bolt, remove the bearing body, and then unscrew the two bearing end covers, withdraw the shaft with the bearing from the bearing body, remove the packing cover from the pump shaft, and exit the shaft sleeve. Be careful not to hit the shaft when pulling out the pump shaft. Then use a special puller or use other methods to remove the three bearings one by one, so that complete the disassembly of the mixed flow pump.

The horizontal mixed flow pump first removes the pump cover, and then uses a special handle to unscrew the counter nut on the shaft head along the direction of the impeller and remove the outer tongue retaining washer to remove the impeller. Coupling pumps are generally not equipped with a coupling. When removing the pulley, first remove the lock nut, and then slowly pull the pulley off the pump shaft with a special belt puller. After the pulley is removed, the lubricant in the bearing body is released. And save it for reuse.

Yancheng Mingke Pump Industry is a modern enterprise with many years of design, development, manufacturing and sales of mixed flow pumps, and has accumulated rich experience and skills in the course of many years. If you have a need to purchase a mixed flow pump, if you have a maintenance need for a mixed flow pump, if you have a maintenance need for a mixed flow pump ... you can contact us.

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