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Mingke Pumps launches Alibaba Cloud server

Published: June 25, 2019 Bookmark this page

混流泵 ”的排名急速下降,为应对不法分子的违法入侵,公司在昨日选用阿里云服务器来抵御入侵。 Recently, the website of Mingke Pump Industry has received much attention from the gray industry chain, and the invasion has continued, resulting in the rapid decline of the ranking of Mingke Pump's owner-operated product " mixed flow pump ". Alibaba Cloud Server to defend against intrusions.

Mingke Pump Industry is a professional manufacturer of modern mixed flow pumps, axial flow pumps and other integrated water pumps.

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Phone: 0515-88591153 Mobile: 13626219567 13004478568 Contact: Manager Xu Fax: 0515-88870957
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